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Painting the Young Prince

I painted one portrait of the Young Prince (Young King in the longer story) to start figuring out of his physical appearance.


To get a more concrete idea of the appearance of the Young Prince.


I did not have a concrete idea of his age or any particularity.


To start somewhere and then start questioning.


Paint a quick portrait of the Young Prince to start questioning his appearance from there.


  1. Place visual references and painting tools on the (fig.1)
  2. Turn off the light and turn on the desktop lamp to create a comfortable environment. (fig.1)
  3. Choose energetic music to get into the high energy mood that makes me throw strong and impulsive brushstrokes. (fig.1)
  4. Execute the painting. While painting, episodes of the story I had already written and new images and notions start manifesting in my mind.
  5. Observe the painting once and again in the span of a few days to see what ideas it triggers. (fig.2)


Hard to say. The painting was not useful in itself, but as a connector to another one. It was useful as a starting point, but it did not clarify the physical appearance of the character, as I had hoped.

Lesson for the research

While painting I realized that the Young Prince was actually a child, so I made the connection with one of the three portraits of Fabrizio I had made. So this painting brought me to that other one.

Progress in the story

The decision that the Young Prince (future Young King) was a seven-year-old. Quite substantial input.



Registration of my working conditions for this experiment.


Resulting piece.

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