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What does ‘artistic research’ mean?

There is no consensus on the definition for ‘artistic research’.

To me, it is a model to systematize and socialize a particular approach to productive creation. That model is based on a series of general presumptions like the existence of a subjective self that manifests in idiosyncratic actions, and the idea that practical experience is the most relevant source of knowledge (thus its practical focus).

There is no ‘artistic research method’ as there is a ‘scientific method’. There is not a particular methodology that can be applied to produce artistic research. Instead, they propose that each art practitioner should develop his own method, according to his subjective particularities.

Why is there no bibliography on your Website?

Because my research is conducted under the artistic research model. Some of the most influential references for this research are:

Many of my ideas come from the practical experience of other art practitioners, such as:

Some of what I have taken from then can be found in this chaotic document I did not initially intend to make public.

How have you used this academic or scientific input to favor your artistic research?

It helps me articulate notions. Sometimes it has been like: “That’s what I was trying to say!”. Many times I certainly would have not thought of an idea I took from a certain scientist or academic, of course. When I come across those ideas, they come in surrounded by a certain context; a body of ideas. My brain tends to abstract a certain pattern within that body of ideas and extrapolate it to my research. That is him stealing from that perspective, so to speak.